Our Mission

The mission of the Single Payer PAC is to support candidates for the state legislature and statewide offices that champion single payer health care. We only endorse candidates who believe we must eliminate private, for profit health insurance and replace it with universal, affordable, high quality, publicly financed health care for all.

What We Do

The Single Payer PAC was founded in 2015 with the purpose of helping to elect super majorities – what we call “the Healthy Majority”- of pro-single payer candidates to the California Assembly and Senate. We are the only PAC in California exclusively dedicated to contributing to candidates who will enact and responsibly implement a single payer program.

We contribute directly to endorsed candidates’ campaigns. Notably we also mobilize financial resources to support the vibrant grass roots efforts of the Healthy Majority movement. For this reason we believe dollars invested with us will strongly boost the impact of our work.